Indian Anthology – Lust Stories, Four Part Series

Lust Stories: Become A True Sexual Addiction by Leeetti andppa takes the reader on a journey from childhood to adulthood, dealing with the repercussions of lust and the sexual revolution. The title speaks for itself: Lust Stories will teach you how to become a true sexual addict, better than you ever imagined. Lust is the most powerful force on the planet, and Leeetti andppa make us understand that one man’s lust can lead to another man’s addiction. These stories take you from childhood (a time when sex was forbidden) to present days (a time when it is very common), and finally conclude with a look at how you can use your past to create a new future. I have read many books on the subject, and this is the first one that really “took the pill” for me.

Lust Stories: Become A True Sexual Addiction by Leeetti andppa is an exceptional book, well deserving of the “best-seller” designation. It is informative, enlightening, and at the same time very entertaining. I have always found biographies and memoirs interesting, but this one is different, because it deals with such an intimate subject and at times even touches on disturbing themes. What really draws me to this collection is the writing style – there are some odd little quirky stories mixed in with all of the facts and the illustrations.

The Lust Stories Anthology is not to like most anthologies, as it is not focused on any one aspect of sexuality. Rather, each volume of this collection takes you on a journey through history and culture, dealing with all manner of topics related to lust. This is perhaps best described as a travel guide through history and culture. It was a pleasant surprise, as I had not expected to find such depth in this collection, and while reading through the Anthology was a pleasant and easy read, I found the stories and insights were scattered throughout the text. This did not detract from the book, however, as I truly enjoyed every aspect of the book.

The second book in the Lust Stories Anthology is called, Para No Surfin, which translates loosely to, “All You Love, But No One Loves You.” written by Randa Jarrar, this collection is quite different from the first, in that the focus is on domestic violence. What makes this novel stand out from other works on the subject is that Jarrar peppers the story with elements of comedy, sarcasm, satire, and personal observation. What I found most enjoyable about Parasites was that the author manages to weave a story about domestic violence with a romantic thread, as well as providing a unique perspective on the subject matter.

The third in the Anthology is titled, Deshma el Makhaira, or Dream Come True. This is the story of a young girl, Malala, who falls in love with an older man. She realizes, however, that he plans to marry her when she reaches puberty. Deshma el Makhaira, translated literally to Dream Come True, is about a girl’s dream of a stable, loving relationship with an older man while simultaneously having to deal with her own tragic, yet fulfilling, circumstances in her own life. The theme of this book, unfortunately, is one of rape and in keeping with tradition, this book is also not translated into English.

In the fourth installment of the Indian Anthology Film, Indian Mystery, Indian Beauty, Neel Bhoopalam brings us, Aparigraha. This is a story of how a young woman, Vrinda, arrives at a railway station to meet her lover, who happens to be a station master. Once they get to the station, her lover tries to rape her, but she manages to escape. While going through her trauma, however, she realizes that she has to leave her abusive relationship if she ever wants to enjoy true love again.

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