Romance Short Story

The American Literature site states that a romance short story is generally written between 1,500 and 20,000 words. Not quite true, as some romance novels are less than twenty thousand words long. Some romance novels I have encountered have been even shorter. Romance novels are not written in the standard word length for fiction. Romance novels are written in the “comfort zone,” which means they can be written much faster and are written at a much higher level of creative enthusiasm.

So what does this all mean to aspiring writers? Well, if you are an aspiring writer who has never published your work, then I suggest that you begin with a short-story collection first. There is plenty of information about writing short stories on the American Liturgical site. I highly recommend reading and applying the information therein. Most Liturgical sites also have a list of recommended reading and other fiction submission guidelines.

The American Liturgical site states that a romance short story should be between 1,500 and 20,000 Words. This is in agreement with most romance novelists and story editors. Do not publish a romance story that is longer than this. You will be wasting both time and money. In addition, you may not meet the standards set forth by the American Liturgical site for publication.

One romance novel I recently submitted involved a character that was sixteenth century in age. The character’s last name was Ford and he was from England. The writer stated that this was his own twist on Ford-can you imagine writing a fantasy piece that involves Ford the whole time? Not only would you have to rewrite the story several times, but the characters involved would not connect.

If you’re writing a romance short story, don’t forget to get an idea from your readers what they would want to see in it. What aspects of their lives would you like to include? What events or happenings did they notice that could be related to romance? Maybe a favorite movie or book is too far-fetched, but sometimes you’ll need an element of truth in order to make the piece work. Your literary agents and publishers are very familiar with non-fiction Romance short stories that have been submitted to them and know how often editors and publishers turn them away because of one thing or another.

Non-fiction Romance short stories can have many successful outcomes, if you’re creative enough. If you’re not, it might be best to go with one of the more popular categories to begin with and then write in whichever genre you find more appealing. There are many genres of Romance short stories to choose from, so once you decide on which ones you’d like to write, the rest is easy. Romance authors write in various genres, including Western, Victorian, mystery, science fiction, and others. In order to increase the odds that your story will be accepted, keep reading and following the instructions given by your publisher or literary agent.

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