Royalty Free Stories

Royalty-Free Stories is a terrific way to publish free audio and video content to your blog, YouTube channel, Facebook page, and more. Royalty free audio and video content is perfect for streaming on the internet. If you’ve been struggling to get your online business noticed, this could be the answer. Millions of people surf the internet every day and you need to capture their attention in order to increase your earning potential. Audio and video files can be easily searched by the search engines, making them one of the most powerful tools available to help increase your profits.

Royalty free audio and video files are stock footage which you may use for your blog, podcast, Facebook page, or for your website. These royalty-free audio and video clips have been processed to remove all identification marks, copyright issues, and cautions. royalty-free audio and video clips are available in many different file formats including Microsoft MP3, Quicktime, WAV, iPod, Video WP, AIFF, and MAC. royalty-free audio and video clips are excellent for promoting and advertising your products, services, and websites, however the quality is low and dependent upon the compression algorithm used.

These days, we are inundated with media and information. We constantly get bombarded by television, radio, internet, and printed media. These sources often utilize copyrighted materials which may not be our personal property and should only be utilized under the conditions described within the resource. Royalty free clip and image materials should never be used for any purpose other than the purpose indicated within the resource or as otherwise permitted by the license granting author. All rights reserved.

Royalty free audio and video clips are available from many online resources including YouTube, Viddler, Photoshare, and Metacafe. However, using clip art or other images for commercial purposes such as on your blog or website without obtaining express permission from the licensed owner is strictly prohibited. If you do use these materials in a commercial setting you must give proper attribution and include a link to the source of the clip or image. Royalty free material that has been used may be repurposed, distributed, altered, or reused as the owner’s or publisher’s responsibility. When you are purchasing Royalty Free Stories, please check the Royalty Free Stories website for terms and conditions. While Royalty Free Stories is a wonderful way to get creative with your stories, there is a fine line between Fair Use and Resale and if you are not careful you could find yourself and the value of your story destroyed.

Royalty free clip art is a great way to use photos, art, and clip art for many creative uses including web pages, music, and video. Because Royalty Free Stories is royalty free and the commercial use restrictions are strict, you must get explicit permission from the owner of the picture or artwork before using it. Permission is granted through a Creative Commons License. This license allows you to use the item in a non-commercial manner as long as you leave all of the attribution and links intact. Other licenses may also allow you to republish the item without additional charge. Before choosing a license, you should determine whether it is allowed by your chosen licensing agreement.

There are several websites that offer thousands of free royalty free images and clip arts. To find your favorite artists, simply type “royalty free” into the search engine and browse through the results. The Royalty Free Stories website will provide you with a list of available selections. If you have any questions, check out their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, which covers frequently asked questions about using Royalty Free Stories and the Royalty Free Workbook.

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